Maintenance dredging, Belgian Coast

deme is active in mintenance dredging at the belgian coast


At the crossroads of Europe, the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge make a major contribution to Belgian economic prosperity. Preserving access to these vitally important gateways requires continual efforts. Channels and fairways must be maintained to the required depth.


Our solution

In a joint venture Dredging International has being ensuring that the waterways are maintained properly – actually since 1939.

Over the years, not only has dredging technology changed dramatically, but so too have performance, efficiency, data monitoring and environmental expectations. Dredging International now operates fully computerised dredging systems on board its vessels to comply with modern standards.

Maintenance dredging works are continually carried out to guarantee access to the ports situated on the Belgian coast and to the navigational channels to the Dutch and Belgian ports on the River Scheldt.


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