Drive to innovate

Modern, flexible, purpose-built fleet

Drive to innovate leads to ambitious fleet investment programme

Our drive to innovate has led DEME to embark on several major investment programmes over the past years. This has enabled us to enter new lines of business in the field of offshore projects, servicing the oil & gas industry, harvesting building materials at sea, or offshore maintenance operations.

By pushing back the boundaries and working on improving the nautical characteristics of our core fleet of dredgers, several reclamation and port construction projects, which, because of physical limits, could not be realized just one generation ago, have now become feasible.

In 2013, DEME completed two ambitious investment programmes that were started in 2005. In less than a decade, the Group has spent almost two billion euros on the extension, upgrading and modernization of its fleet.

Early 2015, DEME decided to further expand its fleet in the years to come. The Group ordered two new vessels servicing the offshore energy market; the multipurpose vessel 'Living Stone' and the self-propelled jack-up vessel 'Apollo' and two new hoppers dredgers of different hopper capacities specifically designed for the European markets.

Ultimately, DEME aims to reduce the cost of dredging, dredge in a more environmentally friendly way, have great precision, optimise production and reduce spillage, as well as advance soil improvement techniques. Our R&D team is continually addressing these issues, finding innovative solutions and passing on the results to customers.


Our flag ship 'Congo River'

"DEME has a versatile and multidisciplinary fleet, which is capable of handling the most complex projects."

Modern, flexible, purpose-built fleet

Due to this sustained investment effort DEME now operates one of the largest and most modern, versatile and purpose-built fleets in the world. Our software tool is certified and performing to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. DEME’s fleet now includes 90 major ships and some 200 auxiliary vessels, which together provide a platform for the competitive and efficient executions of complex and multidisciplinary projects all over the world.

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