MET, collection centre for dredging spoil


The site involves the installation of a collection centre for non-polluted dredging spoil and the dehydration of this spoil by lagooning.

The collection centre installation phase required earthwork and the setting up of a leak-proofing and drainage system.



Our solution

The dredging spoil is recovered after being dehydrated by dynamic lagooning (use of mechanical buckets in the lagoons), in order to bring the water content of the spoil to 35%. A product that can be shovelled and recovered is obtained at the end of these operations.

In addition to the installation of the dredging spoil collection centre, Ecoterres is also responsible for its management.  Dehydration is an essential precondition of the recovery of dredging spoil. The installation of the site required the setting up of 58,000 m² of leak-proofing systems. 10,000 m of drains and 50,000 tonnes of sand were used for the drainage system.

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