Pharmaceutical industry


The work involves the remediation of a working industrial site heavily polluted by hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents: the pure product was removed and the underground water treated. Remediation was carried out using a combination of techniques which involved both ex situ and in situ methods. 


Our solution


In practice, the project was carried out in different stages:

  • the carrying out of the feasibility and sizing tests;
  • the setting up of an anti-explosive device;
  • the supporting of buildings and the removal of cisterns and adjacent polluted soils;
  • the treatment of soil ex situ;
  • the drilling of polluted water collection pits in the upper and lower groundwater;
  • the provision and placing of a pump-and-treat system;
  • the provision and putting into operation of a pre-treatment plant for pumped water (iron removal), a plant for the mixed treatment of water (biological and active carbon adsorption), a plant for treating water stripping; the placing of an active sparging barrier by drilling air injection pits in the groundwater and an air injection plant;
  • the drilling of piezometers for monitoring the remediation of the groundwater;
  • the maintenance of the entire system throughout the duration of the treatment.



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