Installation Vessels

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Given the increasing demands of today’s offshore industry - as the sector advances even further offshore in more challenging and harsher environments and as more remote locations are explored - DEME has been making sure its fleet is geared up to fulfil the requirements of our customers. DP2 installation vessels install all subsea structures, requiring a very high reliability and accuracy, while staying on position by a Dynamic Positioning System. Several DEME vessels, working in various specialist areas have DP2, including the jack-up, heavy-lift jack-up vessels 'Innovation', 'Apollo' and 'Neptune', 'Thor' and the jack-up vessel 'Goliath', the fallpipe vessels 'Flintstone' and 'Rollingstone', as well as the side stone dumping vessel 'Pompeï'.

For more information about DEME's DP2 Installation Vessels, check out the individual specifications of each vessel.

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