Marine & Civil Engineering

Marine and Civil Engineering works have always been an important part of DEME’s business, they are equally crucial, as global trade continues to grow and the world’s population increases.


DEME is often asked to combine its dredging skills, engineering capabilities and technical know-how for Marine and Civil Engineering projects worldwide. We have decades of hydraulic engineering knowledge in-house and this has been put to good use across the globe. Many projects have encompassed everything from the initial design to construction.

As the face of the world changes due to the rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, so is the DEME Group adapting to meet all these challenges simultaneously.

Dredging International is also increasingly involved in protecting coastal communities. We have vast experience of building dykes, breakwaters and dams, and we also replenish beaches and maintain coastlines using our marine and offshore engineering knowledge.

GeoSea is a pioneer in the construction of offshore wind farms and is active in all other offshore infrastructure works such as the construction of access jetties, berthing jetties or offshore tunneling solutions.

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