Oil & Gas

With the growing demand for energy as the world population and global trade continues to rise, DEME continues to build up a solid reputation in providing services to the Oil & Gas market.

We have several specialist companies such as Tideway and GeoSea that serve these sectors and the synergies between these companies allows DEME to offer all-in solutions for complex projects, ranging from LNG terminals to platform installation. DEME provides a broad package of services for preparation, installation and protection of offshore oil & gas infrastructures.

Many of the oil majors and world’s leading energy firms are our customers expecting and rightly demanding the very highest quality and safety standards. DEME can offer integrated solutions for complex projects and our modern and versatile fleet is always maintained to the highest standards.

We recognize that a reliable service provider is crucial. The ability to meet strict deadlines, reliability and efficiency have proven key to DEME’s success in the market. We aim to protect our clients’ investments and minimise the risks in this highly demanding sector.

DEME’s subsidiaries, Tideway and GeoSea, both have a well-respected reputation worldwide for being able to offer integrated solutions for extremely complex projects.




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