Ports & Waterways

With more than 140 years of dredging experience, DEME is well known for the work it has done on the world’s ports and waterways over the last decades.




DEME’s core business focuses on keeping the sea lanes open, improving maritime access, reclaiming land for the benefit of economic activity, coastal protection and flood control. Capital and maintenance dredging, construction of quay walls and breakwaters, berths, piers and jetties are all part of our daily business.

As the world population continues to grow and people become more prosperous, global trade flourishes. Many ports have to expand and new ports have to be created. Waterways often need to be deepened or widened. This is not only to accommodate trade growth but also to handle increasingly large vessels.


Only recently, the industry saw the emergence of the mammoth 18,000 TEU container ship. Ports observe this development and expand: they need deeper berths, longer quay walls and wider access channels and turning basins to be able to accommodate these giants in the future.

Additionally, in many regions, where numerous projects are going on, new ports are being developed to meet the demand for raw materials and new forms of energy.

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