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DEME to order two new 'green' dredging vessels

Zwijndrecht, 27 April 2015 - DEME continues its 'green' investment policy by further expanding its dredging fleet with two new trailing suction hopper dredgers, specifically for servicing its European markets.

DEME has just confirmed its order for two new trailing suction hopper dredgers to enhance its fleet. Built according to a 'green' design the two vessels will have a 'Green Passport' and a 'Clean Design' notation. The ships will be equipped with 'dual fuel' engines and LNG tanks, ensuring compliance with all of the international emission requirements within the Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA). ‘Dual fuel’ technology is both sustainable and future oriented, as it enables engines to operate on either diesel or LNG while limiting the CO2, Nox and SOx emissions to the strictest minimum. In view of the innovative technology the ships will be manned with especially trained high-tech personnel and they will be 'best in class' according to their specific category. Both trailing suction hopper dredgers will be built by the Dutch shipyard Royal IHC. They will be operational before the end of 2016.

The first vessel will be a new generation trailing suction hopper dredger in the ‘Antigoon class' with a hopper volume of approx. 8,000 m³ and a total length (LOA) of 104 m. Its maximum draught of 7.5 m and powerful pump for pumping dredging materials ashore make this vessel the perfect all-round solution.

The second vessel will be a new generation trailing suction hopper dredger to replace the 'Orwell class', with a hopper volume of 3,000 (3,500)m³. Its design ensures optimised maintenance dredging works in shallow waters, with primary assets including a very limited maximum draught of 5.00 (5.80)m corresponding with a hopper volume of 3,000 (3,500)m³,  excellent carrying capacity and, given the ship's length of 77 m, a relatively large suction tube.

Earlier this year the DEME Group announced its order of two smaller 'green' vessels, the self-propelled jack-up vessel 'APOLLO' and the multipurpose cable-laying ship 'LIVING STONE', which will both service the offshore energy market and are also equipped with 'dual fuel' main engines.

About DEME

DEME, the Belgian dredging, hydraulic engineering and environmental solutions group, provides solutions to global challenges on a daily basis. Having its core business in dredging operations and land reclamation, the group diversified into hydraulic projects at sea, services to oil and gas companies, the installation of offshore wind farms, environmental activities such as soil remediation and sediment recycling, and revalidation of brownfields and wreck clearance. Its multi-disciplinary know-how and experience have allowed the DEME Group to grow into a global solutions provider. The Group owns one of the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleets for dredging and hydraulic engineering activities. The Group has been operating since 1852 and its solutions are highly relevant, now more than ever. This is underlined by the Group's core figures: DEME employs 4,600 people worldwide and realised a turnover of EUR 2.58 billion in 2014.

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