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GRC Zolder SA décroche un nouveau permis d'environnement

GRC Zolder NV has a new environmental permit

Zwijndrecht, 13 September 2013 - Thanks to a new environmental permit issued by the provincial council of the Province of Limburg, since recently GRC Zolder NV has been offering additional services. In addition to lightly contaminated soil, now the company can also treat physico-chemical soil.


GRC (Grond Recyclage Centrum) Zolder already had a licence for the temporary storage and biological treatment of excavated soil and other non-hazardous waste such as rubble, dredging spoil, street cleaning residue and sewage sludge. On the 5 ha site next to the Albert Canal in Zolder, a mobile washing installation now makes it possible to also process physico-chemical soils. “The intention is to collect these contaminated soils until there is enough soil to employ the mobile installation,” Plant Manager Emmanuel Govaerts explains. By working in this way, GRC Zolder NV responds to the societal trend for maximal reuse of waste. Working with a mobile installation also provides the ecological advantage that the ‘cleaning’ can occur as close to the source as possible so that much additional transport is avoided.

From now on, GRC Zolder NV can also receive other additional waste at the site, such as zinc ash, soil ash and asphalt containing tar. Construction and demolition waste including plastics, metal, rubber, wood and glass can also be processed at GRC Zolder NV.

About GRC Zolder

GRC Zolder was founded in 2008 at the Westlaan 262 in Heusden-Zolder. At the 5 ha site next to the Albert Canal and the Lummen cloverleaf complex, decontaminated soil and other non-hazardous waste is temporarily stored and processed. The site is equipped with completely watertight sealant, a drainage system and a water treatment installation. In this way we meet the strictest environmental requirements. GRC Zolder NV works according to the highest quality and safety standards, is certified as a soil decontaminator (CGR) and is ISO 9001 certified. The waste is decontaminated to the norms established by Vlarebo/Vlarea. After remediation, these materials can be used as secondary building materials, e.g. as raw materials for concrete or asphalt, for foundations and for the construction of embankments… GRC Zolder processes approximately 100,000 tonnes of contaminated soil and other waste annually. The shareholders of GRC Zolder are the Govaerts family, DEC NV (the DEME Group’s environmental specialist) and industrial service provider Mourik NV.


Emmanuel Govaerts – Plant Manager GRC Zolder NV T +32 (0)13 31 50 06 - F +32 (0)13 31 50 07

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