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Sabetta Port Project: Background note on the Environmental Captain

EMP and independent environmental consultant

DEME employs strict precautionary principle, also in Yamal

'Mordraga LLC', the Russian branch of DEME, has just started dredging works in the Gulf of Ob, Siberia. These works are a part of a huge international operation to facilitate maritime transport of liquid gas from the Yamal Peninsula.

The ecological monitoring has so far been running and will be continued by the Russian client. Even so, on top of this, DEME itself invests in a careful follow-up of the environmental impact of the dredging works. In order to do this, a specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been created. This plan is based on a strict precautionary principle: anything DEME can do to minimize the impact on the local ecology, it will do.

Furthermore, an independent expert consultant, ECOREM NV, has been appointed to verify the implementation of the EMP, check the scientific accuracy of the execution and, if necessary, adjust the plan to the on-site conditions and requirements. "At the end of September, we will present a detailed report to DEME, but, even before that, our findings will, where necessary, influence the implementation of the EMP." says Walter Mondt from the Aartselaar-based international consultant ECOREM and independent Environmental Captain of the dredging works along the Yamal Peninsula.

Independent expert consultant

"We worked hard on the EMP to execute the dredging works in Siberia in a sustainable and sound way", says Marc Huygens, DEME’s Environmental & Sustainability Manager, "but we are of course willing to adjust our plan. Local conditions or operational insights require, as with other projects, a continuous flexibility and adjustment.

We chose to have an external consultant do an on-site investigation, the results of which will allow us to implement our EMP in the best way possible."

ECOREM is an international consultancy firm specialised in environmental and climate impact studies that works for both public and private clients. For the DEME Siberia project ECOREM serves as an independent expert without ties to the Russian client.

Transparent reporting

"We report our findings in a clear way." says Walter Mondt, chairman and director of ECOREM. "I will regularly be on the dredgers, in particular on the survey ships which are especially used for inspection and monitoring of the dredging works and the implementation of the EMP. A transparent report follows.”

Guiding and corrective findings

“Our findings will definitely be guiding for DEME’s EMP and lead to adjustments. Furthermore, I would even go so far as to say that we will add to the existing, scientific knowledge and insights about this specific ecosystem. There has been a lot of research in this area, but there are always gaps in existing knowledge. We might have the privilege to fill in those gaps."

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