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Solid order book for DEME

Zwijndrecht 23th May 2014 (17:40 CET) – Since the beginning of 2014, DEME managed to maintain its order book at a fairly high level of about 3.0 billion EUR thanks to new orders, well spread worldwide across dredging, energy related and environmental activities. The total value of these new orders represents approximately 660 million EUR.

Dredging and port construction

In Porto Sudeste, Brasil, the ‘Porto Sudeste SA’, a JV company of Trafigura, Mubadala and MMX, awarded the capital dredging works for deepening of the channel and turning basin of their port in the Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, to DRAGABAS (DEME’s subsidiary in Brasil), including rock blasting and drilling works.

In Miraflores, Panama, DREDGING INTERNATIONAL PANAMA (DEME’s subsidiary in Panama) will perform the maintenance dredging works of the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal at ‘Miraflores Approach’ and ‘Balboa Reach’.  A volume of close to 2.000.000 m³ located in the approach to the ‘Miraflores’ locks and in the area of the New Fueling Facility Basin (NFFB) needs to be removed for the account of the ‘Autoridad del Canal de Panama’.

In Russia, a contract was signed between the Russian construction company OJSC ‘USK MOST’ and DEME’s Russian subsidiary MORDRAGA for the construction of the approach channel and harbour basin of the service port of the new LNG terminal in Yamal Peninsula and sea channel in Ob Bay, 2500 km North East of Moscow. This new port in the north of Russia is an export port for LNG carriers towards the East and the West.

Works will be executed in different phases over the years 2014 till 2017. The high DEME environmental standards and proposed complementary impact mitigating measures were instrumental in the award of the project.

In India, ‘Adani Port & Special Economic Zone’ has awarded a contract to INTERNATIONAL SEAPORT DREDGING (ISD), DEME’s Indian subsidiary, for the 2014 - 2015 maintenance dredging campaigns in the channels and turning basin of the Dhamra Port.

In Africa, maintenance works in the ports of Tema and Takoradi have been awarded to BAGGERWERKEN DECLOEDT. Works include maintenance and deepening works in the port area in various soil conditions for the Ghana Port and Harbour Authority.


In Canada, Nalcor Energy contracted TIDEWAY to perform cable protection works in the Strait of Belle Isle submarine cable corridor, which is 36 km in length and consists of three HVDC submarine cables. Tideway’s newest fall pipe vessel ‘Flintstone’ will install a rock berm to cover each cable individually within the cable corridor between the Shoal Cove and Forteau submarine landfall. Cable protection will be accomplished using subsea rock installation in deep water portions. Cable and berm stability and integrity must be ensured along with protection of the cables with consideration for high environmental conditions, local fishing activities and commercial traffic.

In China, TIDEWAY signed a contract with China Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation (COOEC) for rock installation works at the South China Sea Deep Water Gas Development LW3-A Project. The Liwan 3-1 gas field is located in the South China Sea, approximately 300 km south of Hong Kong in 1,500 m water depth. COOEC is in charge of the installation of a central platform (CEP), which receives and processes gas from the Liwan 3-1 gas fields, and the installation of a 30” export oil/gas two-phase pipeline from CEP to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Gaolan Gas Plant. Tideway is contracted to install rock over those areas which are not sufficiently trenched.

GEOSEA consolidates its position in the renewable energy market, securing geotechnical site investigation works for the Fécamp offshore wind farm site in France. Works will be executed during summer 2014 for the account of WPD Offshore France SAS.

Just a few weeks ago, GEOSEA finished all installation works including foundations, wind turbines and infield cables at the Northwind wind farm off the Belgian Coast. More recently, topside installation on Amrumbank West and Butendiek offshore wind farms in Germany were completed.


In Belgium, DEC (DEME ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRACTORS) secured two seven-year contracts with “NV Waterwegen en Zeekanaal” for the treatment of dredged sediments to be performed in the various treatment centres. The works areas are situated along the Bovenschelde, the IJzer and the coastal channels.

Artist Impression LNG Terminal, Sabetta Port, Yamal, Russia

TSHD ‘Pearl River’ performing capital dredging works in Porto Sudeste, Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro in Brasil

About DEME

The Belgian dredging, hydraulic engineering and environmental group DEME has earned itself a prominent position on the world market in a few highly specialist and complex hydraulic disciplines. Having started out with dredging operations and reclamation, the group diversified into hydraulic projects at sea, services to oil and gas companies, the installation of offshore wind farms, environmental activities such as soil remediation and sludge recycling, and revalidation of brownfields and wreck clearance. Its multi-disciplinary know-how and experience, project synergies and integrated business structure allowed DEME to grow into a global solutions provider. The Group owns one of the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleets for dredging and hydraulic engineering activities. DEME employs 4,500 people. In 2013 the Group realised a turnover of EUR 2.5 billion.

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