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Xant wind turbine is a new step towards an energy independent HQ at DEME

ZWIJNDRECHT – Flemish Minister of Energy, Annemie Turtelboom, today inaugurated a small-scale wind turbine at the site of the Belgian dredging and environmental group DEME. The project is part of a master plan for the renovation of the head office in Zwijndrecht aspiring an energy independent and CO2 neutral office complex thanks to own renewable production and smart energy consumption.


The XANT is an innovative and small-scale wind turbine that is directly connected to the internal electricity network of DEME. 100% of the generated electricity will be used for the energy needs of the head office. DEME is the first company to invest in the XANT and hence provides many opportunities for new home grown innovative wind technology. The turbine has been developed by a consortium of Flemish companies including cleantech company Vyncke, the Flemish Equity Investment Company (‘Participatie Maatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV)’) and 3E egineering.

The XANT turbine at DEME has an installed capacity of 100 kW and a hub height of 38 metres. The diameter of the rotor blades is 21 metres. The expected electricity production corresponds to the annual consumption for 55 households (approximately 200,000kWh). In combination with the solar panels, and the cold/heat storage system under construction, the XANT turbine will shortly provide approximately 20 per cent of HQ electricity needs.

The innovative control system via a dynamic algorithm in order to guarantee optimal protection of any bird- and bat colonies, is unique. The turbine is thus equipped with cameras, sensors and detectors that record the flight movements. The monitoring data determine the dynamic control of the XANT turbine. The engineering and design consultancy Grontmij will check the monitoring and targeted control for three years in consultation with various organisations such as the Institute for Nature and Forest Research (‘Instituut voor Natuur & Bosonderzoek’), the Agency for Nature and Forests (‘Agentschap voor Natuur & Bos’) and ‘Natuurpunt WAL’. 

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About DEME
The Belgian dredging, marine engineering and environmental group DEME has attained a prominent position in several extremely specialised and complex marine engineering disciplines worldwide. The group has diversified from dredging work and land reclamation, to marine engineering projects in international waters, supplying services to oil- and gas companies, the installation of offshore wind farms, and environmental activities such as soil remediation, sludge recycling and reassessment of brown fields and wreck clearance.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and experience, project synergies and its integrated corporate structure, DEME has expanded to become a ‘global solutions provider’. The group has one of the most modern, high-tech and versatile fleets for dredging- and marine engineering work. DEME has 4,600 employees. In 2014, the group achieved a turnover of 2.59 billion euro. 



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