About CO2 performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder is an instrument to stimulate companies participating in procurement to be aware of their CO2 emissions in their own business operations and in the performance of projects. This involves in particular saving energy, using materials efficiently and using renewable energy.

This instrument is particulary used in the Netherlands by public sector organizations and private sector companies as a tool with a broad application essential for encouraging sustainable behaviour in tendering processes.

The principle behind the ladder is that efforts are rewarded: a higher score on the ladder means a concrete advantage in the tendering process, in the form of a notional discount on the tender price.

The CO2 performance ladder distinguishes five 'maturity levels'. A company can reach the next level through implementing incremental improvements in its existing processes, and through innovations in technologies and methods.

DEME is the first marine contractor with the highest level, level 5 revision 3.

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