Avenue Coking Works in Chesterfield

Avenue Coking Works - Chesterfield


DEC was awarded a remediation contract for one of the most polluted sites of Europe, the former Avenue Coking Works in Chesterfield, in the UK.

Avenue Coking Works was open from 1956 to 1992 and was a fully integrated plant producing smokeless fuels and processing by-products that were produced through the carbonisation of coal.

The by-products comprised sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate, pure benzene and toluene, xylene, naphthalene and other acids and organic compounds.

Heavy contamination of the site and the consequential contamination of the adjacent River Rother, had resulted in the Coking Works site being regarded as one of the worst single point sources of pollution in the UK.

Our solution

In July 2009, DEC in a joint venture partnership with Sita Remediation (NL) and Volker Stevin (UK) was awarded the effective remediation of the site.

The joint venture partnership was chosen because of its innovative techniques and extensive experience with these types of remediation projects.

The contract consisted of the design and construction and it required the excavation and treatment of 2 million m³ of contaminated soil.

On a surface of 98 hectares around the former Coking Works, the soil was saturated with hydrocarbons and tar. All contaminated soils were treated on site to limit the transport and storage.

An extensive range of innovative techniques were used including thermal treatment, physical-chemical soil washing, bioremediation and separating techniques using mobile treatment plants on site.

Additionally, the heavily contaminated groundwater was treated with a water purification unit (biological and chemical oxidation techniques). VSD Avenue performed inspections of the air quality and carried out odour analysis.


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