Capital dredging & Rainbowing at Freeport of Riga


The project involved deepening part of the existing access channel of the Port of Riga in Latvia. Port of Riga is located on both banks at the mouth of the River Daugava. The dredging work was necessary to give much larger vessels access to the port, which are on the increase due to a rise in the volumes of coal handled.

Our solution


Dredging works included deepening approximately 1.6 km of the port’s access channel to levels of -16 m. The dredged sand was pumped ashore in a reclamation basin. But because the area surrounding the basin was too shallow, a separate rainbow pontoon was used to spray the material inside the basin.

Works were particularly difficult because they were executed in harsh winter conditions with extremely low temperatures of -15°C, making it a challenge for both personnel and equipment.

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