Capping of a Category III landfill

DEC's project capping of a category 3 landfill


Kronos Europe owns a landfill for the storage of pressed residue originating from the production of titanium dioxide. DEC was awarded the contract for capping the landfill, in accordance with Vlarem II legislation.

Our solution

The total surface of the landfill is 24,500 m², of which 4,500 m² covers the top surface and 20,000 m² covers a very steep slope of 34° (6/4).

After profiling, the top surface was capped with a clay mat, HDPE layer of 2.5 mm, drainage layer and 1.5 m of topsoil. The slopes were covered with a drainage layer after the profiling, 0.5 meter of topsoil, a geo-grid and 1 meter vegetable layer.

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