Cardon IV Perla


The Perla Field Early Production Development Project (PERLA EP) is a gas field located in the Gulf of Venezuela, 30 miles offshore Venezuela at a water depth of approximately 65 m. The field is licensed and operated by Cardon IV, S.A., a joint operating company owned by ENI (50%) and REPSOL (50%). The development is divided into two distinct phases – an Early Production Phase and Full Field Phase. 

Our solution


A contract for the shore approach services was awarded to now part of DEME Offshore. The Scope of Work included: 
•    Onshore civil works 
•    Onshore, near-shore trench dredging works up to -12 m MSL (6,500 m long trench) 
•    Installation of a temporary causeway 
•    Installation of 4,700 m of 102 mm pull wire to pull a 30” pipeline to shore 
•    Installation and operation of 500-tonne linear winch 
•    Trench backfilling works along entire trench 
•    Site reinstatement 

Several challenges were successfully overcome. These included handling very soft clay material during the trench dredging works and having to dredge the trench through a shallow sandbank in high winds and strong currents, as well as complex logistics.

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