Construction of Deurganckdock

Construction of Deurganckdock


Anticipating further globalisation of international trade and an increase in maritime container transport, the port of Antwerp is faced with limited space for expansion on the right bank of the Scheldt. The new port called ‘Waaslandhaven’, which has been built on the left bank several decades ago, is being further developed. The construction of Deurganckdock entails a major part of the overall expansion of Waaslandhaven. The construction of Deurganckdock was executed on behalf of the Antwerp Port Authority.

The design requirements for the Deurganckdok resulted in the choice for a tidal dock. At low tide a water depth of minus 17 m is guaranteed. Deurganckdock has a capacity of handling 6 million TEU per year.

Our solution

Both the construction of Deurganckdock and the related expansion of Waaslandhaven were carried out by various combinations of contractors. At Deurganckdock, Dredging International was responsible for the earth works and erosion protection on the quay wall.

At Deurganckdock, the quay walls were built in the dry by means of pumping and return pumping. After installation of the drainage, the construction pit was excavated by means of dry earth-moving equipment.

As soon as the construction pit was excavated and two rows of sheet piles had been rammed, the construction of the semi-massive quay walls began. At the same time, the rear of the quay wall was replenished with sand and consolidated.

Finally, after the fibred open stone asphalt mattresses were installed for erosion protection, the construction pit was inundated and dredging works began. At Deurganckdock, a total quantity of 5,5 million m³ was excavated and backfilling and compacting amounted to 3.150.000 m³. No less than 1,1 million m³ of concrete and 55 million kg of steel were used.


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