Decommissioning of Platform Vent Tower & Crane Boom


With production coming to an end in 2014, the project entailed the removal and transport of a vent tower and crane boom from the Complex, which was located in Block 49/28 of the Southern North Sea, 80 kilometres North East of the Bacton Terminal. The assets had to be transported to an onshore disposal yard, located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.
The installation was a three bridge-linked platforms’ complex comprising the wellhead platform, processing and quarters’ platform and the reception platform. 
The Complex was approximately 19.5 m from LAT to the cellar deck and 43 m from LAT to the Helideck. The jacket was in a 32.5 m water depth. 

Our solution


The decommissioning of the vent tower and crane boom consisted of the following activities:
•    Preparation & Engineering
•    Mobilisation of the Neptune in Great Yarmouth
•    Transit to field
•    Removal of the vent tower (120T, 62 m height) and down-ending on Neptune’s deck

•    Removal of the crane boom
•    Transport to onshore disposal yard in Vlissingen
•    Offloading of the removed assets at the disposal yard in floating mode
•    Demobilisation of the Neptune in Vlissingen

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