SRC Ruisbroek


Wastewater that arises when processing sediments of sewage systems and material resulting from sand traps, needs to be treated. This contract included the engineering, construction, delivery and commissioning of the water treatment plant in Ruisbroek, Belgium.

Our solution


A Sequencing Batch Reactor with a total volume of 243 m³ was proposed for treating the wastewater. The wastewater is treated in several phases in the SBR comprising denitrification, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal and nitrification and finally, settlement and discharge.
Effluent from the SBR is then pumped over a sand filter and an active carbon filter, after which it can be discharged.

A complete solution was provided including the civil works, (piling and tank construction), as well as the electromechanical works which consisted of the installation of the pumps, aerator, mixer and instrumentation. The electrical wiring, commissioning, start-up and commissioning of the plant was also successfully carried out.

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