Design & Construction of Euro Tank Terminal –Phase 3


Design & Construction of Phase 3 of the Euro Tank Terminal (ETT) in Rotterdam.

Our solution


  • 200 m quay wall (anchored combiwall) made from steel piles Ø1220 mm and sheet piles PU18 incl. a concrete capping beam 

  • 115 m bund wall (AZ26-700) in slope/water

  • Jetty (L-shape) of approximately 170 m on 88 foundation piles Ø1020 mm with a concrete platform incl. diverse pedestrals, handrails and guard rails 

  • Inland ships breasting beam of 70 m (incl. walkway) for seagoing ships consisting of pipes Ø1420mm and Ø914 mm, as well as ladders, gratings and handrails 

  • Supply and installation of 10 mooring and breasting dolphins Ø2020/Ø2200mm 

  • Dredging and slope protection 

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