Dhamra Port Development Project

Dhamra Port Development Project


Dhamra Port is located at the confluence of two rivers, one of which, the Brahmani, serves the hinterland of some of the major coal mines of eastern India. Islands at the mouth of the river, which were created in a natural delta formation, provide an excellent setting for a protected harbour. This natural setting, coupled with berths that are 19 m deep, means that Dhamra is one of the deepest ports of India. It has a major focus on coal and iron ore.


Our solution

International Seaport Dredging dredged a 20 km access channel, varying in width between 170 m and 240 m. The depth of the new fairway was between minus 17 and minus 19 m, which meant that 60 million m³ had to be dredged over the three-year period from 2007-2010. In addition, some 4.5 million m³ was reclaimed.

As the native soil at the port area consisted of very soft, compressible clay, the bearing capacity had to be improved through accelerated consolidation, achieved by vertical drains and providing surcharges.

Special attention was given to the protection of the Olive Ridley turtles by installing turtle deflectors on the draghead. Stringent daily monitoring was undertaken under the supervision of the IUCN.



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