Docking Shoal Met Mast Decommissioning


Centrica Energy had to decommission its offshore Met Mast, located at Docking Shoal about 20km offshore Skegness, in the UK.
Under permit requirements, the entire Met Mast was to be removed even below the seabed. The project included the removal of all the electrical and meteorological instrumentation and the mast lattice tower, as well as the transition piece and monopile.
Offshore & Wind Assistance (OWA) was contracted to perform the decommissioning. 

Our solution


The use of specialist equipment enabled OWA to decommission the Met Mast without the need of diving operations. One month after the contract award, the Met Mast was fully decommissioned, well within the pre-agreed budget and time frame.

The scope included:
• Electrical disconnection of the power supply and solar panels
• Removing of the remaining lattice tower
• Cutting the monopile below the platform using a remotely controlled, UHP water abrasive cutting tool
• Internal pile dredging
• ROV inspection of the performed works
• Approved disposal of the monopile and electrical components


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