Dredging & Reclamation of cargo harbour in Helsinki


Sand and gravel had to be dredged from the borrow area Sora-Tonttu and transported over a distance of 18 km through the future access channel to the new container port of Vuosaari. Reclamation then followed for the development of the harbour zone.

Our solution


The successful solution included:
•    Dredging 2.45 million m³ of sand and gravel from the Marine Borrow Area Sora-Tonttu.  

•    The transport of the dredged materials over a distance of approximately 18 km via the access channel to the future port of Vuosaari.

•    Pumping of the dredged materials in four reclamation areas.


•    The Stationary Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Uilenspiegel’ was equipped with an XXL suction tube configuration.

•    Soundings of the Marine Borrow Area of Sora-Tonttu and of the top level of the completed fillings in the four reclamation areas.

•    All tests required by quality assurance such as overflow water sampling and particle size distribution tests.


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