Dredging works in Livorno harbour


Maintenance and capital dredging works of the ‘Toscana’ dock and the turning basin in Livorno harbour to a depth of -13.00 m, which represented a total of 800,000 m3 of dredged material. 
Additionally, selective dredging, and the storage and disposal of contaminated sediments (13,500 m3) in an authorised treatment plant took place. The main maintenance and capital dredging works were performed by the TSHD dredger ‘Marieke’.

Our solution


Initially, the company dredged material of 150,000 m3 in the north eastern area of the ‘Toscana’ dock. This was performed by a grab dredger until it reached a depth of -8 m, which then enabled the larger TSHD dredger ‘Marieke’ to execute the main dredging operations.  
Contaminated sediments were also dredged by the grab dredger. A basin was constructed in the port area for the temporary storage of these sediments. As well as this, maintenance works for the existing basin were performed. 
Materials dredged by the TSHD Marieke were pumped inside waterproofed reclamation areas, which were arranged by the client. Particular attention was paid to the management of the waste material, identified in specific areas within the dredging zones. This waste material accounted for 13,500 m3.

These dredging works were executed by the grab dredger and a silt screen frame to minimise turbidity and to avoid the spread of contaminated material in the port area.

These dredged, contaminated sediments were stored in two basins with a capacity of 2,000 m3 each, analysed and disposed of in a landfill. Water was then returned to the sea by two pumps situated in the reclamation area, which pumped the water towards the discharge canal.


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