Dredging works of the northern side of Molo Italia Wharf within the port


The northern side of the Molo Italia Wharf had to be dredged to depths of –13 m.Some 430,625 m3 of material was dredged and this was then discharged into the reclamation area. 
The southeastern part of the area in front of Torre Marzocco had to be dredged, representing additional volumes of 90,170 m3.

Our solution


The project was executed in two different dredging phases, namely the dredging of the northern side of Molo Italia Pier? within the Port of Livorno, while the second phase involved the southeastern part of the area in front of Torre Marzocco.

Operations included:

  • Dredging to -13 m along the Molo Italia (a total quantity of 430,625 m3)
  • Dredging to -13 m close to ‘Marzocco’ area (90,170 m3)
  • Discharge of the dredged material into two reclamation areas situated on the western side of the ‘Darsena Toscana’.

A careful monitoring plan was in place to accurately check all the environmental parameters and particular attention was paid to the management of the discharge waters. The technique and the equipment used guaranteed the right balance, increasing the sedimentation and the discharge of waters from the basin in the shortest time possible, in order to keep the parameters below the threshold values.

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