Eko Atlantic City

Eko Atlantic City


Eko Atlantic City in Nigeria is one of the most ambitious real estate developments in Africa. The new city is being built on Lagos’ Bar Beach – on land that is reclaimed from the sea.

Adjacent to the central district city islands of Ikoyi and Victoria, Eko Atlantic City is designed for 250.000 residents and 150.000 commuters, and will eventually feature all possible facilities and modern comfort of a 21st century metropolis.

Besides serving the needs of expats, multinational companies, commuters, and the sighing of nearby neighbourhoods that lack accomodation, Eko Atlantic City also meets another purpose: coastal defense and countering the erosion of the coastline.

In the past century, the sea in front of the Promenade on Bar Beach has washed away no less than one km of land – due to sea level rising and the Atlantic swell. Eko Atlantic City should improve this situation.

Our solution

Eko Atlantic City is constructed in six phases that will ultimately result in the creation of 9 km² of prime land, requiring a reclamation and sand winning of no less than 100 million m³ on an area of 2 x 7 km. Extensive geotechnical investigations preceded the dredging operations.

After a Nigerian civil contractor had completed the construction of a 8.5 km long seawall reclamation began within the enclosed area.

The company’s involvement in the optimization process as well as the coordination efforts with local authorities have been important factors that influenced both feasibility and the continuation of the project.

In particular, the availability of the most modern high-tech mega-equipment has contributed to define the most efficient execution method. A remote viewing tool on board ‘Congo River’ enabled head office and the R&D department to monitor the dredging process ‘live’, via satellite, and hence to optimize the dredging- and production process instantly at all times.


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