First stage of the extension of the eastern part of Muuga Harbour


In an ambitious project expanding the eastern part of Muuga Harbour in Estonia, temperatures sometimes dropped as far as -20°C, however, work was carried out successfully without any delays to operations.

The works consisted of dredging and the reclamation of 900,000 m³ of sand and the subsequent levelling and finishing to the design profile of an area of 28ha. The new land will be used for the creation of terminals, road and rail infrastructure in the port.

Sand was sourced from the privately owned Naissaare II borrow area, which was a sailing distance of 20NM away. Dredging took place at depths of between -8 m and -14 m CD. Due to expected ammunition an extensive magnetometer survey had to be performed at the start of the works.

Our solution


Eventually 900,000 m3 of sand was dredged and reclaimed by the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers ‘Lange Wapper’ and ‘Brabo’ for the construction of 28ha of land between the existing coal and container terminals. 

Importantly, the suction pipes of both dredgers were equipped with bomb grids to avoid picking up ammunition at the dredging area. And before the reclamation works could start, reclamation bunds, weir boxes and settlement beacons had to be installed. 

And despite temperatures dropping as far as -20°C there were no delays to operations.

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