Gioia Tauro, dredging and port adjustment


The Gioia Tauro project aimed to increase the port handling capacity by dredging the port channel by up to -17 m MSL and by improving the 1,895 m of the existing quay wall to support Super Post Panamax vessels and cranes.

Our solution

Capital dredging works

Sidra dredged the harbour to the desired level of -17 m and  nearby the quay to -16 m. The dredging works, which realised a total sand volume of 1.2 million m3 also facilitated the beach nourishment at  Gioia   Tauro   and  S. Ferdinando, which represented 2,000 m.

Jet grouting for consolidation of diaphragm foundation

Sidra also carried out works to level the sea bottom, which included the realisation of the foundation of 758 prefabricated reinforced concrete units (6.2 x 2.4 x 6 m) and consolidation through jet grouting at sea  (Ø 800) in 12,000 m2 of sea depth for more than 30,000 m of treated material  (from -17 to -21.50 m).

Structural improvement of the quay

The improvement of the quay was required to reinstate the staticity after the deepening process and to strengthen it for its new capabilities.

Approximately 2,000 m of new track beam was constructed, based on 316 armor concrete diaphragms at a depth of – 18 m.

Additionally, a treatment plant for meteoric waters, with de-oiling facilities was constructed. Finally, 80,000 m2 of the quay was paved by using modified Split Mastic Asphalt and aluminothermic welding was deployed for the installation of the track - type MRS125.  

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