Harbour of Bremen: Deepening Industriehafen


The Industriehafen in Bremen, home to more than 50 businesses and with a total annual throughput of just over 6.8 million tonnes, had undertaken to deepen a number of harbour basins to an 11 m water depth to enable Panamax vessels to deliver 15 to 30% more cargo to Bremen, therefore safeguarding the future of the port.

Our solution


This project involved the dredging of approximately 168,000 m3 of silt, sand and stiff clays and the disposal of the lightly contaminated soil at a certified onshore disposal site.

Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH deployed the Group’s backhoe dredger “Peter the Great” to execute the works, together with a fleet of 18 inland barges which were constantly sailing between the project site and an onshore disposal site in Wesel. 

In addition, the backhoe dredger removed around 850 m2 of high strength scour protection (consisting of armour rock and concrete) in front of the Oslebshausen Lock as part of the works.

The dredging works were carefully scheduled and coordinated in order not to hinder port users and to ensure port operations could be maintained during the deepening works. 

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