Harbour of Cuxhaven: Construction Offshore Basis LP 8


Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH was involved in a new building project for the expansion of the Port of Cuxhaven in Germany. Work included land reclamation, capital dredging - with a TSHD, backhoe and barges - groin removal and dry earth movement for the construction of a new berth on the River Elbe. The new berth - LP 8 – is used for the loading of foundations for offshore wind energy projects. 

Our solution


For this port expansion project Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH executed the dredging related works via a Joint Venture.

Some 640,000 m3 of sand had to be dredged and reclaimed by the TSHD BRABO for the construction of the new Offshore Base. This involved a dredging depth of -15.0 m. Before the reclamation works could start several groins and slope protection had to be removed, which was executed by a backhoe dredger and split barges. Backhoe dredging totalled 350,000 m³.  This material was then dumped by barges. The berth area was deepened from -2.0 m to -9.5 m.


After completion of the reclamation works and the combined sheet pile wall the future berth area then had to be deepened. On top of this, the partners removed 65,000 m³ of groins. The Joint Venture was also responsible for the dry earth and road construction works.
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