Jurong Island Phase 4 and Tuas View



Since the early 1990’s the government of Singapore is developing a major oil- and chemical platform in the southwestern part of the island country, at locations known as Jurong Island and Tuas View. The latter is a peninsula and part of Singapore mainland; Jurong is an amalgamation of what had initially been seven smaller islets. The area is being developed by the largest industrial landlord, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). Today, Jurong is home to the third largest oil refining and petrochemical hub in the world.

Since 1995 the western extension of Singapore was carried out in four consecutive phases, and the size of every new phase was at least twice the size of the previous contract. Dredging International Asia Pacific (DIAP) together with partners, have been involved in each of these four phases. After completion of the fourth phase at the end of 2013, yet another westward extension was awarded to DIAP, in a joint-venture – creating yet another 148 ha of land reclamation under ‘Design-and-Build’-terms.

Our solution


Jurong Island Phase 4 increased the land surface of Singapore with 540 ha, and the Tuas View extension added another 920 ha. In order to execute the phase 4, following works have been performed: dredging of sandkey trenches; construction of sandkeys; construction of general reclamation; slope trimming; construction of armour

slope protection; leveling and compaction of reclamation; drainage works; soil testing; surveys; protection of existing structures; dredging and widening of fairways; rock blasting; design of two jetties for VLCC oil tankers; jetty construction; pipeline installation; removal of existing Single Buoy Moorings (SBM’s) and pipelines.


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