Lazaro Cardenas – Darsena Oriente


Since the 1980’s, the Port of Lazaro Cardenas has significantly increased its importance through a succession of important expansion activities in which Dredging International was significantly involved. 
Today, Lazaro Cardenas is an important deep water port which handles dry bulk goods as well as liquid cargo and where some 2.2 million TEU containers can be loaded annually.
In order to avoid congestion problems, a wide turning basin had to constructed at the end of the ‘Darsena Oriente’ so that the ships no longer had to be towed backwards out of the dock. Everything had to be levelled to a depth of 16.5m and reclaimed for filling a neighbouring harbour site or being reclaimed into a stockpile for dry earthworks in future.

Our solution

The challenges remains very large at this location. The difference with our work in the 1980’s is furthermore that all the sand here was already dredged during earlier campaigns and we are now fully down into the sharp gravel with rocks up to 25 to 30 cm. The discharge distance, which previously was optimized as much as possible and in this way was usually not more than 450m, now runs up to 1000m, but then with a height difference of some 16m to overcome. Nearly 600.000 m³ in the furthest corner have been dry excavated. Another 5.5 million m³ is being processed by our cutter suction dredger ‘Rubens’.
The keyword is “wear”. The sharp gravel material is also taking its toll on the Mohard steel. Every 10 to 12 days we have to deal with the wear. The wear is under control and the ’Rubens’ is performing excellently and the use of teeth is surprisingly low. Actually we are moving ahead and we see ourselves perfectly well finishing this job.

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