Lincshore Beach Renourishment

Lincshore beach renourishment


The low-lying coastal flood plain along the coast of Lincolnshire, between Mablethorpe and Skegness in the north-east of England, is heavily exposed to the violence of nature and storm surges in particular. Concrete sea walls did not provide sustainable protection and the beaches consisted of just a thin layer of sand on top of clay. From a thorough analysis, the Environment Agency concluded that building up and maintaining all the beaches along the entire 24 km coastline would provide the best solution.

The current project, which is executed in partnership, covers the five-year period between 2010 and 2015. It is one of the strategically most important flood defence schemes in the UK, and also essential to the local tourism industry.

Our solution

The project is based on collecting sediment from licensed dredging areas in the North Sea and placing the material on the beach foreshore where the sand has been eroded. The dredged material is transported in trailing suction hopper dredgers, and delivered by hydraulic pumping through floating lines, sinker lines and quick-fit pipes.

Lincshore is the largest beach nourishment scheme in the United Kingdom and covers 24 km of beaches.

The scheme protects 50,000 ha of land and over 36,000 properties, including 19,000 static caravans. The replenishment also protects environmental assets along the coast.

The 2010-2015 Lincshore Beach Renourishment scheme maintains the current standard of flood protection against a one in 200 year tidal flood (0,5 percent). The annual campaigns are typically executed between March and July, and average more than 500,000 m³ per year.


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