Malmö, Norra Hamnen harbour works

Norra Hamnen Harbour works


As the gateway to 150 million consumers in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Öresund region between the Danish province of Sjælland and Sweden’s Skåne province, is one of the most dynamic and expansive regions of Europe. Infrastructure works and businesses are particularly booming in the Malmö-Copenhagen conurbation on both sides of the Strait. Many companies are establishing local service- and distribution centres as their logistic hub for the whole Baltic region. Since the opening of the Öresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden in July 2000, the city of Malmö has become ever more important.

In order to match future demand from international business, the Copenhagen-Malmö Port (CMP) is developing the vast land north of Malmö, where the so-called Northern Harbour (Norra Hamnen) Business Park is being built. In the framework of a new RoRo- and container terminal in Norra Hamnen, a new 750 m quay wall as well as a new 250 m pier was constructed. The project included deepening of the harbour, for which a backhoe dredger was assigned.

Our solution

The contract comprised dredging, transport of dredged material to an onshore depot, unloading, and stockpiling in two lagoons. The harbour was deepened to a level of minus 8,5 to minus 9 m, which was carried out by a backhoe dredger. Dredging had indeed to be executed in an environmentally friendly way. This was very successful: turbidity monitoring resulted in maximum 10 mg/l above background level.

Dredging operations spanned two seasons, in the first half of 2009 and between November 2009 and May 2010. In the first phase the following works were executed: 95.000 m³ dredging of the trench for the future quay wall, and discharge of all material in designated depots onshore; 80.000 m³ of main dredging, and all material discharged and stockpiled onshore; 15.000 m³ of material excavated from shore with dry earthmoving equipment, and stockpiled onshore. The second phase focused on the new terminal with 130.000 m³ of material dumped and 170.000 m³ of material discharged onshore and stockpiled onshore.


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