Monopoli, port adjustment


Realisation of the extension of a breakwater with a length of more than 250 m, together with the internal quay and improvement of the existing quay.

Our solution

The breakwater was formed by constructing a gravel, trapezoidal core and by using rocks. The rocks were protected by a double layer of stones and by Antifer blocks (9.7 m3).

The breakwater was then completed with a massive load and a concrete wall (top quota +7 m) of 35 m2.  The overlaying block quay has a total length of 550 m and is – 9 m deep.

Other works included:

  • Widening of the square port by creating a reclamation area, which was filled with 26,000 m2 of dredged material. It is protected on the sea side by a natural rock breakwater with concrete massive load and wall (top quota +7 m) and a protective layer made with artificial Antifer blocks (5 m3).
  • Reprofiling of the existing natural rock with a protection layer in concrete blocks
  • Rock dredging of the trench of the quay to –9 m and dredging of a portion of the internal harbour
  • Concrete paving behind the new quay and the redeveloped section consisting of an area totalling 20,800 m2
  • Installation of bollards and fenders
  • Lighting, hydraulic and fire system, including water storage basin
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