Mooring facility for Abengoa Bioenergy


Construction of two concrete jetties, including loading– and unloading installations.

Our solution


  • Supply and piling of 33 steel tube piles Ø508 mm, 38 m long 

  • Supply and piling of 45 steel tube piles Ø1420 (up to 40 m) 

  • Supply and piling of 2 steel tube piles Ø2000, 34.5 m long 

  • Supply and piling of 5 steel tube piles Ø1820 (up to 35 m) 

  • Supply and piling 1 st. steel tube pile Ø2740, 40 m long 

  • Supply and piling 127 m sheet piles AZ24, 14 m long 

  • Construction of approximately 2715 m2 concrete platforms 

  • Supply and installation of approximately 20,000 kg aluminium anodes (cathodic protection) 

  • Supply and installation of 52 m of fender constructions 

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