NLNG project - Provision of Heavy lift equipment Jack-up barge – Vagant


The project involved provision of heavy lift equipment for NLNG Marine loading arm in Bonny Rivers commencing 03/2015 for a duration of 3 years on call-off basis. Accessibility to project location coupled with tidal as well as general environmental challenges was a major concern for this operation. The type of soil (soft / clay) available as well as water depth around the area pose a very tough challenge for the execution of works such loading and offloading of marine arms using a heavy lift equipment.

Our solution


We mobilized jack-up Vagant equipped with a crawler crane for execution of the works as a solution to   all the requirements of the project / client such as tidal challenges, sufficient desk space, possibility to accommodate the necessary crawler crane and especially has the necessary leg length allowing all lifting operations to be performed in semi-jacked-up position. Our in-house engineering division worked to determine the most favourable jacking procedures taking into account the soil and environmental conditions. 

The unique combination, created by DISN and its partnership of local experience and skills in the world of heavy lifting operations creates a commercial as well as operational advantage for our client NLNG.

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