Ortona, port redevelopment


Construction and extension of a breakwater in Ortona harbour, Italy and land reclamation totalling 13,500 m2.

Our solution

The “New Northern Breakwater” of 1,260 m long was made by a core of course quarry material, a stone filter layer and concrete blocks (Accropodes™ and Tetrapodes™).

Furthermore, the project involved reclaiming an area of 13,500 m2 within the new and old northern breakwater. The works were also extended with a reinforced concrete crown wall.

The following works phases were carried out:

  • Spreading and profiling the quarry and stone material to make the core and the filter layers for the breakwater, which represented an amount of 890,000 990,000 tonnes.
  • Dredging and replacement of stone material and concrete blocks.
  • Construction and placing 13,300 Accropodes™ blocks on site.
  • Construction and placing 2,000 semi-cubic concrete blocks of 9 tonnes on site and 330 Tetrapodes™ of 2.5 m3.
  • Installing a metal marine light on the breakwater head.
  • Construction and placing concrete blocks on the quay and building a safety walkway for maintenance of marine lights.
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete crown wall up to LAT + 8.00 level and 234.5 m long, made of 7,340 m3 of concrete C25/35 MPa and 85,000 kg of zinc coated steel B450C. 


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