Palanga, Beach Replenishment phase 1 and 2

Palanga, beach replenishment


Hundreds of thousands from Lithuania and abroad spend their holiday in this town of less than 20.000 people. But the forces of nature, the wind, the tidal movements, and the currents of the sea gradually eroded the popular, snow-white sandy beaches, until just a meager, skimpy skeleton remained. The Lithuanian ministry of Environment decided to invest in a beach replenishment.

Our solution

The beach was renourished with sand over a distance of some 2.5 km. Works were executed in two phases in the spring of 2011 and 2012, prior to the start of the touristic season.

The sand was dredged by trailing suction hopper dredgers. It was transported from a borrow area some 50 km south of Palanga.

Considering the sailing distance to the borrow area, Dredging International mobilized two large TSHD’s for each phase.

To allow the large TSHD to pump the material to the shore, a submerged pipeline with a length of 1.600 m was installed on the sea bottom. On the beach, 1.200 m of pipelines were installed to pump the sand over the entire length of the beach.


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