Port Construction, Cagliari


Construction of a 850 m quay wall (-16 depth) for bulk and container vessels of up to 100,000 dwt.


Our solution

Sidra was responsible for the construction of the concrete diaphragm quay wall below sea level, which is 1,200 mm wide and 33 m long. The main quay wall was connected with strength beams to another diaphragm alongshore. The capping beam was realised through concrete prefabricated panels.

Others works included: 

  • Ground consolidation with stone piles of 6 m long and Ø 600
  • Positioning of a geotextile and layer of gravel
  • Realisation of Continuous Flight Auger pile Ø 800 (22,000 m) to support the platform
  • Bollards of 200 tonnes and accessories in inoxidable steel
  • Construction of a drainage network and the treatment of the first rain water
  • Realisation of the perimetral enclosure
  • Construction of 55,000 m2 heavy duty pavement
  • Hauling rocks
  • Dredging works  -12 m depth (630,000 m3)


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