Port construction Gioia Tauro


Realisation of a “deep seabed quay” of 409 m long, built on armored concrete drilled piles to facilitate the new generation of 14,000 TEU container ships. SIDRA was awarded the contract from the Gioia Tauro Port Authority. 


Our solution

The quay was realised with piles of Ø 1,500 mm arranged on four rows, with a length between 25 and 40 m. The piles hold up a deck formed by precast beams and by a cast-in-place armored insole of 65 cm thick. The following other works have been executed:  

  • Removal and reprofiling of the breakwater protection layer by using dolos blocks.
  • Dredging of trench in front of the quay to a depth of – 20.50m
  • Placement of ballast mattresses made of concrete blocks at the bottom of the anti-reflection breakwater under the quay, to stabilise the seabed.
  • Placement of three track lines for post-panamax and super post- panamax harbour cranes.
  • Installation of double conduit Panzerbelt Ò to power the cranes.
  • Paving in modified asphalt (area of approx. 11.000 m2).
  • Installation of 160 t bollards and “cell unit” fenders (type 2000 H).
  • Rain water treatment plant with concrete storage pipeline (DN 1500) and separator.
  • Electrical cabin (M.T.) and lighting system.
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