Port Qasim

Port Qasim


Port Qasim is the second major port of Pakistan, located approximately 45 km east of Karachi.

The Port Qasim Navigational Channel is about 43.7 km long, accessible by ships of up to 50,000 dwt in fair weather and 35,000 dwt in moderate conditions.

Annually and largely due to the southwest monsoon, 4 million m³ of silt builds up in the channel. This meant that ships of only 25,000 dwt could enter the channel during the monsoon season.

Therefore, maintenance dredging of the Channel is necessary on an annual basis to maintain the required depth of - 14.50 m.

Our solution

The Channel can be classified in three sections:

1). The exposed Approach Channel, between the open sea and Bundal Island
2). The more sheltered Inner Channel from Bundal Island to the IOCB
3). The Reach Channel to the marginal wharfs

In each of the sections a different dredging depth and width is required. A dump location for the dredged material was located offshore.

Due to heavy sea conditions during the southwest monsoon (starting mid-April) the dredging works in the Approach Channel had to be executed before the start of the monsoon.

On behalf of Port Qasim Authority, Dredging International carried out several campaigns


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