Prirazlomnaya Platform project


The Prirazlomnaya Platform was being built at the Sevmash Yard in Severodvinsk. Meanwhile, Vyborg Shipyard built two accommodation modules for the platform on the barge ‘UR91’.

The two modules, at 21 m x 24 m x 12 m, then had to be transported by the barge to Severodvinsk. Module 1 weighed 1250t and Module 2, 1500 t.

At the Sevmash Yard DEME’s heavy lift vessel Rambiz had to lift the two modules from the barge onto the deck of the Prirazlomnaya Platform.

Our solution

The Heavy Lift Vessel Rambiz is unique in the world, with her two cranes, shallow draught, large deck space and renewed, spacious accommodation facilities. This arrangement, together with other qualities, gives the vessel the capability to operate in areas no other comparable vessel can reach.

The combination of the two main cranes is particularly special, enabling the Rambiz to lift unusual structures that would otherwise require two separate vessels.


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