Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm foundation T&I and scour protection


The Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 27 kilometers off the coast of North Norfolk in the UK and covers an area of 75 km², in water depths ranging from 12 m to 22 m. 
Race Bank will be equipped with 91, 6MW Siemens wind turbines representing a total capacity of 580MW. The Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) foundations consist of a monopile (MP) and a grouted transition piece (TP). Prior to the foundation installation scour protection was installed at 62 locations.

Our solution


DEME Group companies were responsible for both the Transport & Installation of the foundations and the scour protection. The T&I was carried out by GeoSea, while the scour protection was installed by Tideway.
The outer harbour of Great Yarmouth in the UK was chosen as the designated load-out port for the foundations. The MPs were fabricated by Steelwind in Nordenham, Germany and the TPs by Bilfinger in Szczecin, Poland. These were transported from the fabrication yards to the load-out port by GeoSea’s transport barges and tugs.

At Great Yarmouth, the HLJV ‘Innovation’ loaded four sets of foundation components from the barges for each trip, using her own crane, after which she could set sail to the field for the actual installation. 

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