River Elbe: Wreck removal


Prior to a future deepening project along the River Elbe, 11 locations in the fairway or at the edge of the fairway had to be dredged in defined dredging polygons between Cuxhaven and Hamburg.

Our solution


Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH executed the works at the 11 locations to the defined target depths, which ranged between -18.38 m and -20.0 m.

Wreck pieces had to be dredged in all the locations and these included steel and wooden pieces, archaeologically relevant wrecks and wrecks containing unexploded ordnance. Due to the unknown condition of the wrecks, the presence of contaminated soil was also possible, which had to be handled within the waste disposal regulations.


The backhoe dredger Peter The Great, together with a set of auxiliary equipment, was deployed and prepared for performing the works according to the contract specifications.

Dredged wreck pieces were segregated from the soil by sieve grids installed on split hopper barges.

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