Soai Rap Dredging Project


In the mouths of the Mekong river delta south of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), major infrastructure projects are bolstering the city’s expansion to the sea. One of the prominent focal points is the Hiep Phuoc port complex at a distance of 16 km from the city. Located at the western bank of the Soai Rap river, Hiep Phuoc and its port related logistics services are major growth poles for a 10-million metropolitan area and for Dong Nai, Long An, and Tien Giang provinces.

The Soai Rap river is the second shipping access to HMCC after the Long Tau river – hence its importance for the economic development of the region. In order to accomodate fully loaded 30.000 DWT vessels calling at the ports of Hiep Phuoc and HMCC, the Soai Rap Passage was dredged over a distance of 54 km to a depth of minus 9,5 m.


Our solution

The Soai Rap dredging project was executed for the account of the HMCC Department of Transport and the Soai Rap Dredging Investment Project.

The project included the detailed design, with bathymetric survey and soil investigations. The Soai Rap channel was widened and deepened over a length of 54 km, including 30 km of river channel at a width of 120 m, and 24 km of sea channel at 160 m.

Furthermore, the existing navigational buoyage system had to be repaired and upgraded, and environmental mitigation measures had to be implemented.

The total volume of dredging amounted to 11,5 million m³. The Soai Rap dredging project undoubtedly generated social and economic benefits to the whole Mekong Delta region.

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