Sochi Olympic City


Sand supply of 2.5 million m³ to prepare Imeretinskaya Lowland for the construction of the Sochi Olympic City to host the Olympic Winter Games of 2014. 

Our solution

Work included shore pumping through floating and landlines. Sand had to be sourced by a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger and during the dredging process great care was taken to ensure that the sand was good quality. Subsequently, the sand had to be transported by sea.

In Sochi, the sand had to be pumped hydraulically to shore via a floating and landline into a reclamation area. However, constructing the landline was challenging because it was close to a residential area and had to cross several roads.

After each discharge of the hopper dredger, the reclamation area was dewatered using a diesel pump. All the water had to flow back directly to sea on the same land and floating line to avoid any impact from the seawater in the local environment.

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