Soya Terminal


Dredging International’s Client, Sodrugestvo Soya was planning to build a new grain offloading facility in the region of Kaliningrad, close to the village of Svetlii. The area for the terminal will be a new reclaimed surface, located next to the Baltisk-Kaliningrad channel. This channel would then be used as an approach channel for the terminal.

Our solution

Dredging and reclamation works with the Cutter Suction Dredger VLAANDEREN XVI were carried out to create a foundation for the soya processing plant.

The sand needed for the reclamation was excavated from the water area, at the same time creating a turning basin for the cargo ships. The dredging area consisted of a sand flat with depths ranging from -0.6 to –8 m. On the landside it bordered a swampy area with reeds. The Client made bunds around the area with imported sand.

Most of the material was medium, loosely packed sand. At the southern part, where the dredge area bordered the shipping canal, some silt was found in very limited quantities. Occasionally stones larger than 15 cm and tree roots were found.

The works area was divided into cuts of 45 m to optimise production for the VLAANDEREN XVI.

A floating line consisted of wavins and dunlops and was a total length of 432 m. In addition, 192 m of steel floating line on pontoons was available. The landfall of the floating line was made with two non-floating dunlops connected to the first fully buoyant dunlop. Two anchors were used to stabilise the shore connection.       

Dredging volumes initially represented 1 million m3 of sand, but this was later extended to 1.5 million m3.

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